My name is Eryk Stauble, and I am the founder and creative director of Social Civilian. I started SC almost two year ago with the intention of creating a streetwear clothing line that would both; take on the illusions of gender in fashion, and also give new life to the vintage apparel that I love to hunt for. What I didn't expect was just how much this brand would open my mind to the gray areas that exist between who we dream of being and what society deems appropriate.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a big people watcher. I have always loved street-style and how we choose to express ourselves through our daily wardrobe choices. Until recently, I was focused on surface and simpler questions like; which trend a certain outfit was following and does an outfit work with a persons body in a way that makes them feel outwardly confident. The deeper notion behind each individuals intention of wearing this dress or that pair of jeans, for example, because it makes them feel closer to their true gender, was some what lost on me. After launching Social Civilian as ‘a unisex streetwear line meant for everyone’, I very quickly learned what style and fashion really means to most people on a much deeper level.

I started working with transgender models, for Social Civilian, early on. We spent a lot of time, during fittings, talking about confidence and their challenges with finding a personal style throughout their transition. I thought about my own comfort with ideas like walking around in public in a dress. There are many cultures that exist today where it is totally appropriate for a ‘man’ to wear a 'dress' or even a 'skirt' in public. So why then should I be so anxious about it? Is it because the ones I want to wear are designed for and marketing to ‘women’? Why does that matter? Shouldn’t I just do what makes me feel happy and confident and in turn let others feel comfortable doing the same?

That is where Social Civilian lives today. We seek to create an environment where all people can feel safe to experiment with their personal style, and take the risks that they’ve always wanted to take. I promise that my team and I are taking them right along with you, and we look forward to hearing from you along the way. Social Civilian is a streetwear line that is engineered using all vintage clothing from both genders. We call it future fashion from the past, and we are holding true to our original idea of being a brand that is meant for everyone. I am proud that Social Civilian is an active member of the gender fluid community and very much look forward to being part of it’s evolution.

With love, light and gratitude!

Eryk Stauble